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Connecting the Next Generation to Advanced Manufacturing

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We are now accepting applications for students being placed in the Summer (May 1 – August 31) 2022  and Fall (September 1 - December 31) 2022 terms.

Beginning Summer 2022 and beyond, eligible work placements must be a requirement as part of the student's study plan. This can include co-operative education, internships, field placements and applied research projects. The work placement as part of the student's study plan will be verified when confirming student eligibility.

The WILWorks Student Work Placement Program is designed to incentivize employers to offer more student positions than they did before leveraging funding. 

The Government of Canada has removed the temporary relief measures introduced in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Please refer to the FAQs and Terms & Conditions documents for a complete list of changes, including:

  • The “net new” placement criteria is in place
  • Varying subsidy reimbursements (50% or 70%)
  • Post-secondary education institutions are no longer eligible to serve as an employer or to apply for the wage subsidy

Hiring Post-Secondary Students?

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Get up to $7,000 Per Placement!


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EMC has an allotted number of WILWorks placements available to Canada's manufacturing and related sector firms.

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Wendy Gray

Senior Project Coordinator

PO Box 396
Owen Sound, Ontario N4K 5P7


Lynn Morris

Project Coordinator

PO Box 396
Owen Sound, Ontario N4K 5P7